On the northen coast of Magh is a rocky, dangerous cove, where tidal openings lead into a series of caves. It is treacherous trying to battle the surf and get a boat into the entrance, wherein lies a wide subterranean lagoon. From there, several tunnels branch away and form a maze of dark, winding passages and vast caverns where one could easily get lost or stumble into a pitfall. Rumor has it the caves were once a branch of the supposed Ministry of Innovation tunnel network that have since been sealed off.

The Windthrift Caves are a more recent discovery, found by the combined crewbeasts of the BlackShip and the Skeered of Nothing. While spelunking in search of a fabled treasure trove, the beasts were set upon by a devious, unseen (yet often heard) creature calling himself the "Master of Windthrift" and his fiendish traps. Every cavern, it seemed, was rigged with some device intended to make mincemeat of invaders, using falling rocks, swinging rocks, blocking rocks and cleverly placed oranges. Still, the expedition prevailed, and the unseen attacker was revealed to be a mad MinoInn beast who'd been living in the tunnels for years, reasons unknown. The treasure, however, did exist. So the mission prevailed in the end. And the crewbeasts had many good stories to tell over grog later.

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