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Grab yerself a cup of grog and sit down, for I be tellin' ye a story of the Vulpine Imperium. Vermin of all shapes and sizes (and fer some reason, a whole lot of beasts with a hist'ry of assassination) roam across the island of Vulpinsula, clustered in our own Bouillabaisse Harbour. If yer lucky and smart, ye'll join the Navy and make a profit off of raidin' less fortunate beasts of the Mahsterious Sahthern Cahntinent. If ye aren't that smart, ye'll rot away at land in a farm or shoppe. So head on over to the Bilge in the Bucket and have yourself a good ol' fashion bar-fight.

Here lies a collection of history, information, and general facts concerning the world of the Vulpine Imperium.

May the blessings of His Grace the Emperor tumble down upon you like a golden fog.

Places to Suite Yer Fancy:

Items for New Players:

​Also look into the Ships, History, Location, and Information tabs above.

  1. Guide for New Imperium Citizens
  2. Rules and Regulations and Bilge Etiquette
  3. Bully Harbor

What this is:

The Vulpine Imperium is a WRPG (Writing Roleplaying Game) set in a universe very loosely based on the Redwall books by Brian Jaques. In the game, players take on the role of a character from one of serveral races of beast and either joins the Navy on a ship or becomes a business beast on land (though the latter is rather buggy). The VI also has many other features such as Factions, a Market and Real-Estate system, and even mini games!

Note: This has become the Official Wiki for the Vulpine Imperium. Keep an eye out, for things are subject to change! We're pulling out all the stops and making sure past Ministers and Moderators contribute to the history of these pages.

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