Scattered about the Sea of Calamities like a string of pearls, the (rather ironically named) Peace Islands are a series of islands that lay under Alkamar's control. The most notable among them is Valles Mensa, a large and rather heavily fortified island located mid-way through the chain. It spans two and a half thousand square miles (about the size of Delaware), most of which are covered in heavy jungle.

A notable characteristic of the island chain are the thick black sands that grace their shores. This is primarily due to the creation method of these islands- dormant volcano that grace the peaks and, in some places, create the barrier reefs. Keeping in this vein, most of the buildings are hewn from the volcanic rock of the island, giving them a fearsome and imposing black color. Thankfully, the volcanoes in the area have not shown any sign of activity within last century.

On the side of the island nearest to the Imperium, Alkamar has constructed a forward base. This massive fortress is hewn of a dark volcanic rock, and is currently under the control of the Imperium.

The Battle of Valles Mensa (1728)Edit

Detailed in the Thoroughfare threads "Valles Mensa: Opening Phase" and "Valles Mensa 2: The Battle of Lacertus and the Eastern Peace", Valles Mensa was declared an invaluable location and target to the Imperium to put a dent in Alkamarian forward operations. The Imperial Navy sent several ships, including the Skeered of Nothing, at the time Captained by Ladorak Fugate, and the Golden Hide. Later, the BlackShip would arrive, being Captained by Zilaco Wyndshard. Though they were able to take the centeral fort of the island, the Navy suffered several injuries- to ships and beasts both. The mission was considered a success.