Vaelora Ryalor, as depicted by TeaDino of DeviantArt.


From the BunkEdit


Vaelora Ryalor appears, at first glace, to be an albino; her fur is white as snow, as is her long headfur. Her eyes, however, are a startlingly light green, betraying her as being an arctic fox or some similar breed. She typically stands upright and aloof, her cold eyes combined with her 5'10" stature making her a daunting figure. Typically she wears a black Stoatorian Guard coat with uniform trousers, black boots, and white scarf. By her side hangs a fire-tempered wooden katana capable of taking blows from steel and iron swords, contained in a black sheath.

When Vaelora speaks, it is in a thick Fyadorian accent; however, this is a rare occurrence, as she is rarely allowed to roam free. She tends to come off as cold and even dismissive, and tends to terminate conversations abruptly. This may be because her handlers don't permit her much outside communication, however.

Biography: Edit

Where Vaelora originated is something of a mystery. She is listed as a member of the royal House of Ryalor through her maternal side, connecting her to her grandfather Alexei, the current patriarch. However, her paternal information is blank, and she was only recently registered. Her function within the family seems to be suspect as well; she seems to serve as some sort of bodyguard or assassin under the direction of Talinn Ryalor, and she is only ever seen in his company or that of Alexei. Her white scarf, a symbol of her rank in the martial art known as the Way of the Steadfast Storm, denotes her as a novice, entitling her only to a wooden blade; however, this may be because her relatives do not trust her with a real one.

She has yet to be seen in combat; however, she has been noted to at times develop a strange, vacant look and tense herself. Whenever this happens, her relatives are quick to strike her, possibly to reel in some dangerous tendencies.

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