A barren, rocky island in the seas between Wultlie Lagoon and Croper's Cove. Tucket Rock is too bleak and inhospitible for anybeast to live on. Its mostly windswept, its windward shore a craggy cliff face leading straight into crashing waves below while its leeward side is little more than a sharp, stony slope with a few scraggly plant here an there. The only creatures that live there are wild seabirds, which nest within the Rock's outcrops and ledges. The sound of their wheeling cries can be heard above the surf near the island (and sometimes the smell of the birds will overpower any brine in the air).

Sailors treat Tucket Rock as a sort of landmark, usually passing it or travelling around it on voyages in the East Tookumberry Key. Many a sea shanty has mentioned the Rock in its lyrics (and many more the aroma of the birds nesting there). Incidentally, the Rock is also popular for bird-hunting.