Kaden and tophin by mlady keaton-d6aodvj

Kaden (right) and Tophin (left) as depicted by Kaiea Malikus.


From the BunkEdit

Gender Female

Species Wildcat

Weapon Axe

Nameday Thermidor 24, 1717 (currently 15)


Tophin is a thick-bodied wildcat in her early teens with smooth, brown and black mottled tabby fur. She is on the shorter side for a beast her age, though weighs as much as beasts several inches taller than her. Despite her hefty build, Tophin is strong and fast due to a life of physical labor. She is generally sullen, and her gold eyes seem to look at other beasts with disgust. However, the cat is simply shy and unused to strangers.

She wears brown trousers and a white shirt with seal leather boots. She carries her father's woodcutting axe in her belt. In sunny weather she wears a wide-brimmed straw hat that ties under her chin with a string.

On her right arm, starting in the middle of her forearm and traveling up to her shoulder and onto her back, ending just beneath her shoulder blade is a burn scar. The sparse fur that grows from the scar is pure white.


Tophin comes from a farming family outside of Bully Harbor. She and her mother and younger brother lived in constant fear of her alcoholic, abusive father. Tophin bottled the fear and anger through her life, remaining silent and taking the beatings as she tried to protect her mother and brother as best she could.

Tophin didn't know how it started, likely her father had fallen and broken a lantern while in a drunken state returning home from the tavern one night. Either way, she woke to the smell of heavy smoke and burning flesh. Their house had erupted in flames. Her mother nowhere to be found, likely burned to death, and her father the same, she and her brother tried to escape. The ceiling collapsed on them, crushing her brother and badly burning Tophin. She was unable to free her brother from the debris and had to leave him as he burned alive.

With no family, no home, and no way to run the farm on her own, Toph began looking for other sources of employment and a place to live. The Navy was appealing to her, as it gave her a roof over her head, free meals, and a steady income. Being no stranger to physical labor, the young wildcat signed up and found herself placed upon the BlackShip...

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