The Smelt Headline!

More commonly known as just plain "The Smelt", the SES, run by the Ministry of Niceties , is supposed to be a weekly newspaper of the Imperium . "Supposed to be" being the key phrase there; even though the name is The Saturday Evening Smelt, it is a rare and celebration-worthy occurrence when the paper is actually published on a Saturday Evening. Ever since i's first issue, the publication of each Smelt has been erratic at best, and it has been known to disappear for a number of weeks at a time between issues. When asked to comment on such things, the various Editors rather quickly moved on to the next topic, usually the odd rain of trout in Tookumberry. Trout are freshwater fish, after all.

History Of The SmeltEdit

The first Smelt issue was published on Bugs 3rd, in the year of Our Emperor Mar'kan II 1723. It's been spontaneously updated through three years, and surprisingly, it hasn't quite died yet. Perhaps it's longest run under any one Editor falls under one Seige Ciel... Ciel... Ciel - something dreadfully difficult to remember, who published more issues than any other Editor in his time. Of course, after some time, and some rather confusing happenings, Seige gladly stepped down to the position of Co-Editor, (previously occupied by one Montblanc Waters, who is best known for being related to the old BlackShip captain, Sean Waters), and a brave ferretess by the name of Nadya Volimova gladly stepped up. She's published a number of papers in her time, and shows no sign of slowing down as of yet.

Behold! We Imperial Beasts are Intelligent! - The Printing PressEdit

You may or may not be wondering how this makes us smart. It makes us smart because somebeast invented the printing press, which nobeast really knows anything about (other than it's simple machinery?) Hooray for simple machinery, I suppose. Also, we are intelligent because we write articles that are published in each issue. Likewise, we have to edit the articles that come from those who are slightly less literate than us learned beasts, and make them so that us learned beasts can actually read them.

Articles/ OOCEdit

The SES is a purely freerange-journalism paper. This means that anybody can write an article and send it in to the Smelt, and it should get published. Barring any censoring and/or excessive illiterate writing, of course. Even us journalists have limits on Free Speech here in the Imperium.

Ye Smelt is taking articles from anybeast, and if you have an article, Missertross it to Zilaco Wyndshard. (It pays! Well!)