The Red Herring, (or The Herring), is almost exactly like the Bilge in the Bucket in every way, except for a few slight differences: It is considerably more posh. While the Bilge caters to the salaries of even the lowliest Navy recruit, the Herring has a much better selection of drinks, a cleaner dining environment, and ten times the security, as Captains , their officers, and the Ministers themselves often choose it as their favourite watering hole. Non-officers are generally discouraged from dining in the Herring without their Captain's consent - this is more to stop the crewbeasts from making a fool of their Captain and ship more than simple rank discrimination, though perhaps it is a mix of both.

OOC/Out of Character:Edit

The Red Herring is also a forum that is only accessible to Ministers and Captains. It is mainly used for plotting between Captains and their ships and for VI-wide plots - Thoroughfare roleplays - though it also serves as the Administration's "everything" forum.