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This is the official manual for the Fogey Police Force, written by the first Fogey Commissioner Alexei Koslov, known OOC as Falun, for Mayor Gordon Freemont in his reorganization of them. It contains pretty much everything you would ever know about how to roleplay a Fogey, how to fight as a Fogey, how to dress as a Fogey, ect. It originally sold for a fairly hefty amount of money on the public market, but is henceforth being released for free via this Wikia page for all to peruse. Therefore, read, enjoy, and most importantly, roleplay your Fogey! It was written in 1726 (2006), or seven years ago, but is still at least 95% relevant. This is mostly just being copy-pasted, so if there are references to people you don't know, don't panic.

Preface and IntroductionEdit

The Manual of the Fogeys

By Commissioner Alexei Koslov

The Code of the Fogeys

I swear, as a Fogey of the Vulpine Imperium, to uphold the law to the best of my ability, no matter what my personal opinions on it may be. I swear to defend the citizens of this great Imperium from crime and chaos with my life. I will never abuse my powers beyond the limit set by the Emperor and the Mayor, and keep my mind and my body focused on upholding the law. I promise to keep Bully Harbor running safely: I swear that all wrongdoers will face the full justice of the Imperium. I will never slack in my duties as a Fogey, and I will not disobey the orders sent down to me. I will not join any association that will have a direct impact on my ability to keep the peace. I swear complete and absolute loyalty to the Emperor and the Mayor. I swear as a Fogey to fully enjoy the privileges accorded to me and to also carry out my responsibilities. I am a Fogey of the Vulpine Imperium, and I will keep the peace at all costs!

Chapter One: Sectors, Duties, and AssignmentsEdit

Sectors, Duties and Assginments

Preface for Chapter One

The Manual of the Fogeys is an attempt to summarize and elaborate on a Fogey's duties to the Imperium and Bully Harbor in general. It will contain several chapters, this being the first. Upon permission from our benevolent mayor, this shall be published as a guidebook for you. Remember to check for updates at the Headquarters every week, as new, updated editions may be coming out. This manual has been assembled through much meticulous research about the Fogeys, past and present. Enjoy.

-Commissioner Alexei Koslov,

Chapter One


There are four main patrol sectors of Bully Harbor in which the Fogeys are required to keep the peace in the name of the Emperor and the most respectable mayor, Gordon R. Freemont. These are the Insanely Rich Area and Zann's backyard, The Dock's and Imperial Condos, the Marketplace and Warehouses, and the Trenches and slums.

Duties of a Fogey

A Fogey will serve the Mayor and Emperor with utmost obedience, loyalty, and respect, regardless of personal objections. They must be willing to put everything on the line in order to keep the Imperium, and Bully Harbor, running smoothly and efficiently. They uphold the Supreme Law of the Emperor in day to day life, whereas authorities like the The Unsmudgables and The Stoatorian Guard deal with more complicated plots and scheming. There may or may not be times when the Fogeys will assist, or impede, these very same organizations, depending on the will of the Emperor and of the most respectable Mayor. Personal ties to members of the other organizations are discouraged for this reason, but not forbidden so long as they do not affect a Fogey's ability to uphold the law.

The Insanely Rich Area and Zann's Backyard

Job Description: The Insanely Rich Area and Zann's Backyard are the more orderly sections of Bully Harbor. Riots typically do not occur, and open crime or public drunkenness is an extremely rare sight. One does not see direct violence or acts of easily chargeable crimes here most of the time.However, there is a darker side of this seemingly…tranquil… area: there are more then a few heists, plots, and even assassinations in the works at any given time, often directed by very powerful beasts. A Fogey in this sector must be quick, sharp, and pay attention to detail. A Fogey assigned to these sections will rarely, if ever, find themselves engaged in combat with a foe, but mental pressure and combat is another thing entirely, so a Fogey assigned to these sectors should take up some form mental exercise. It is still recommended to keep up with daily, or at least weekly drills, with one's truncheon since one's skills will atrophy due to disuse in these sectors if one is not very careful.

The list of things a Fogey will most likely see in the Insanely Rich Area/Zann's Backyard patrol sector goes as follows:

Hidden Assassinations:Poison, daggers, crossbows, and those who know how to use them silently hunt beneath this sector's apparently docile exterior. These beasts normally commit very quiet assassinations, and such crimes are not reported for hours, days, or even weeks, after the target is deceased. Sometimes, these crimes are not reported at all, and a Fogey may very well stumble upon a corpse hidden inside an entirely innocuous and deserted area . A Fogey must thus be exceptionally good at reasoning and investigation, or possess great intuition, to work on these sorts of cases.

Tax Evasion: Many upper class imperial citizens feel they are above the taxes levied by the Emperor himself. Most appear to pay their full taxes, but upon investigation the records in their private accounts do not match with the records in the Imperium's archives, and thus the Imperium tends to constantly find itself with a shortfall of money every fiscal year. Generally, such investigations are handed over to a Fogey who likes quiet reading and meticulous study. These types of Fogeys tend to be the ones who solve these cases, using their abilities to put away those who think they are above the law.

Clean Thefts: These are thefts of more important documents, items, and immense amounts of gilders that a common thief could never dream of pulling off. Those who manage to pull these off are professional thieves, usually hired by political, economic, and social rivals to cause havoc upon their opponents. Many of the areas in which these thefts occur are heavily guarded, and when the object is found missing, it is very difficult to find out how they managed to do it since these thefts are conducted with almost no evidence left behind. A Fogey must be able to quickly examine the area, notice miniscule clues, and carry out many interrogations before even getting a whiff of a scent. A Fogey investigating one of these cases will have to discern the truth out of a quagmire of lies, deceptions, and thievery, all the while acting in accordance with the law.

Plotting against Imperial Authority: This is a broad term used for any plotting against an Imperial official, of any rank, to harm them either physically or fiscally. Attempting to damage an official socially, however, does not count and is not a crime unless such an action is carried out through illegal means. This is a very broad term, and the duty has become more important ever since multiple attempted coups against the Emperor in recent years. A Fogey must be willing to go to various parties and infiltrate their organizations in order to discover the truth and bring those who plot against the Imperium to justice, oftentimes spending weeks or even months deep undercover.

The Docks and Imperial Condos

Job Description: The Docks and Imperial Condos could be considered the living area of the middle class of the Imperium. Merchants, minor government officials, shopkeepers, and all various citizens of the Imperium live here. It is generally an orderly area, but if times get too hard, there rioting may very well occur. It is generally a quiet area, but as with any middle class areas, it has its disturbances. Various beatings, drunken bouts, petty theft, and murder happen here, though much, much more infrequently then in the Trenches and the Slums. Crime here may vary in level and effectiveness. It is quite possible for a Fogey to deal with every social class or every type of disturbance in a single day, so it is important for a Fogey in this area must show thus moderation and the ability to adapt to new situations.

A list of things Fogeys will likely see in this sector:

Drunkenness and Disturbance of the Peace: Many of the middle class enjoy having a drink or two, and know where to stop, but sadly a few do not. More than a few become very drunk, and start doing carrying out actions that disturb the peace. This is a very broadly defined crime, and it depends on the Fogey's attitude and personality to define what exactly this offense is. It is best to let minor offenses slide, so that a Fogey does not bother arresting and escorting somebeast to jail for drunkenly cursing or spitting while someone else is starting a bar fight that could very well turn into a minor riot in the meantime. That being said, it is indeed still up to each individual officer to decide what constitutes this crime, but they do have to justify it when the offender is brought before a court, so a Fogey must be prepared to explain and defend his or her judgment regarding this.

Assault: Assault is the unprovoked physical abuse of another creature in the Imperium. This includes punching, throwing, beating, et cetera another citizen or creature in anything other than self-defense. Imperial law is loose about what is considered assault, generally allowing much more latitude for a parent disciplining a kit or fights between spouses, but assaults on complete strangers are cracked down upon and enforced very hard. When it comes to domestic issues, a Fogey should exercise caution and judgment, and it is up to each individual officer to decide whether or not an action is arrest-worthy in such situations.

Murders: Murders do indeed happen in this area, but it is not the same meticulously planned, thought out assassinations seen in Zann's Backyard or the Insanely Rich Area. It is more of a happenstance, typically due to emotions or some other understandable reason. Generally these happen a few times a month in all sorts of circumstances. The murderers can range from being smart to downright stupid, but even the most intelligent usually leave some evidence to link them to the crime since such murders are typically not planned out all that well or tend to be more spontaneous. It should provide a moderate challenge for a Fogey to discern who indeed killed a beast and to arrest them in most cases, assuming the Fogey is smart and experienced.

Petty Theft: This sector rarely sees any sort of major theft where large amounts of goods or gilders happen to be stolen. What it does see, and quite a lot of, however, is petty theft:a few small goods being stolen out of need or greed. It is often hard to track down these thefts, as most of the items are very small and easily concealed, and street urchins, if they are not committing the crime, tend to inform those who do of any Fogey movements, making it very difficult to track down pickpockets and the like. A typical thief will go past a vendor, and quickly steal something and make a break for it if they are caught, or saunter away casually and calmly if they are not. Sometimes A Fogey assigned to this must be quick, and be must be able to be able to discern the truth of the matter in a timely fashion, as many may claim one robbed them but have little to no evidence to back it up.

Smuggling: Smuggling is defined as anyone importing goods into the Imperium that are illegal, and anyone who supplies, distributes, buys, or is in any way involved with these goods. These smuggled goods can be incredibly hard to find, or are often very well concealed. While it is inevitable that some of these goods will get past the Fogeys, a Fogey must do the best they can to find the source of these goods and end the smuggling operation. A Fogey working in anti-smuggling activities must be able to play extreme attention to detail, and be able to see the larger picture at all times. Most of the smuggling in the Docks and Condos occur while offloading a ship, so at least a few Fogeys should be sent to assist with customs, since a surprising amount of illegal goods seems to slip through their net every day...

The Trenches and Slums

Job Description: The Trenches and the Slums is considered the hardest area for a Fogey to work in. This is not because of the sheer ferocity of crimes, but the immense number of them. Whereas fighting crime in the Insanely Rich Area requires intellectual prowess and a fine touch, the Trenches and the Slums require ruthlessness and brute force. This is the poorest Fogey patrol sector in Bully Harbor, and perhaps the Imperium. It is rampant with disease, crime, and unemployment. There are numerous violent crimes, beatings, and armed robberies, as many as thirty at any given time.Power is always shifting here, and contacts and informants who are alive one day might very well be dead the next. A Fogey in this area must be skilled with their weapon, possess a hardened disposition and get the job done at all costs. It does not require much thinking, as it has been proven again and again that most residents of the sector have an IQ approaching that of a typical worm.

A list of things a Fogey can expect here:

Violent Murders and Beatings: Murder and beatings are a common part of life in the Trenches and the Slums. Death is so commonplace that few residents are surprised to see a pile of corpses while walking to whatever it is they consider "work" the next morning. There are always bodies in the streets, which have to be routinely picked up day after day by terrified sanitary officials.

The vast majority of these murders are completely spur of the moment and incidental. A rat accidentally collides into a weasel. The rat is dead moments later. A Fogey must be physically fit and quick to intervene in all violent encounters and thus keep citizens of the Imperium from being killed, at least for the day. One must also constantly be on the watch for any sort of beatings or assaults, as these will almost certainly end in murder.

Armed Robberies: It is one thing to have a few pastries stolen from a bakery. But when owner of the bakery is dead , all of the items in it are pillaged, and the bakery is on fire, it is an entirely different matter. There are many attacks on shopkeepers and banks within these areas, and it is suggested that at least two Fogeys patrol in front of these at any given time during the day, and at least a full squad at night. Fogeys in these areas must be both careful and quick to deal with any possible threats: it is not unheard of for Fogeys to be killed while attempting to stop some crimes. Expect long work hours if you are assigned to this duty.

Keeping of the (Relative) Peace:

There is never any complete peace in this sector, but there is indeed a relative peace, where there are arguments, but no attacks on anyone. This is referred to as relative peace, or the best that can realistically be hoped for with this area. As with the Docks and Condos, many dwellers of this sector like to have a few drinks after their day at "work". In the Slums, there is no such things as a drinking limit, which causes a great many odd scenarios involving drunks which tends to lead to general chaos, and a Fogey must be ready to deal with them immediately. With the considerable strains on a Fogey's time in this sector, it is recommended that senior Fogeys move some of the more troublesome drunks off into a secluded alley and knock them over the head until they fall unconscious, and then assign a Fogey or two to watch them so they do not get murdered instead of having to arrest them all and fill already overflowing jails. Such beasts will have a severe headache in the morning, but at least they will not be brought before a court facing execution for a murder, not to mention wasting the force's precious time. Fogeys dealing with drunks have to be practical and ruthless. No arguing with the drunks, just use that baton cadet!

The Warehouses and Marketplace

Job Description: The Warehouses and Marketplace can also be called the Merchant and Mercenaries sector. Merchants haggle endlessly with each other, while bored looking trade guards look after them and their warehouses. A few notable clans of merchants are the Houses of Sayre, the House of Resyn, and the House of Lorentz. While it is claimed that anyone can trade anywhere under their own banner, it is a silent law that you must be an affiliate of one of these three houses in order to do so. There is thus fierce competition between them, each hoping to become the dominant economic power within the region. There are other houses and businesses vying for control, but they are too weak or too small, so they are not noted here. It is a peaceful area on the surface, much like the Insanely Rich Area and Zann's Backyard, but tensions are high between the three houses. There is, however, a silent rule that no murders(at least of a merchant) should happen (despite everything else that may happen to him), so murders here are extremely rare and worth careful examination.

What a Fogey can expect to do in this sector:

Resolving Trade Disputes: While it seems on the surface like a job to be left to the merchants, these should be resolved by a Fogey fairly quickly if possible if there happens to be a public disturbance caused by them. Trade disputes have a habit of growing into something much, much worse, so a Fogey should encourage the parties to act professionally and with proper courtesy. This requires a Fogey who is charismatic and who has some knowledge of how trading works. A Fogey is not a judge, and should not offer judgment, but instead encourage the parties to act legally, or, if necessary, ensure terms are enforced if it is clear one party is violating them.

Warehouse "Misdeliveries":Merchant theft is looked down upon by most of the merchants, but "misdeliveries" are not. It is extremely and utterly rare that a skilled warehouse crew, even the youngest of them, would ever accidentally misdeliver a package. What typically happens is that a few are bribed to "accidentally" deliver a shipment of their opponent's goods to a few interested parties. Nothing much is said, except that what appears in the ledgers of merchants is sometimes not what appears in the warehouse. Such discoveries could take months or years, so when such discrepancies are discovered, a Fogey will have to do a lot of work. One will have to spend hours searching through merchant records, and tossing out false ones, until they find where such goods were delivered to, and then finally attempt to retrieve the goods or charge those who were involved. However, many merchants falsely claim their items were misdelivered to particular parties, so a Fogey will have to be able to discern lies from the truth.


Refer to the section on smuggling in the Docks section of this chapter for advice. It should be noted, however, that in the Warehouses and Marketplace sector, it is much more difficult to find such goods, and when one does, it is usually in massive quantities, well-hidden among legitimate goods in labyrinth-like storage facilities, and that such quantities can be quickly be moved or shifted at any time. It is thus important to be very circumspect in one's inquiries: merchants who engage in smuggling tend to be much more careful, because they do it in large scales and have much, much more to lose.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter Two:RanksEdit

Preface to Chapter 2

With great rank comes great privilege and great responsibility. A Fogey must be prepared to carry out the duty and the responsibilities given to his rank at all times. An increase in one's rank does typically lead to an increase in one's power, but one must work to make sure this is actual power, not the far more common apparent power. If you are confused by this distinction, do not worry, it will be explained below,and you should memorize these distinctions to the best of your ability if you wish to succeed not only in the Fogeys, but in life.

-Commissioner Alexei Koslov

Ranks: Why do we have them?

Ranks are found in almost all military, civil, and economic organizations. It is typically a symbol of success or skill within an organization, but be warned it may not always be so. Promotion is wonderful, but it often comes with a great cost. Expect to work ten times more if you get paid ten times more. If you know you will not be good at something you are promoted to, decline the promotion. It is mere stupidity to waste the time of others, especially your own, and endanger the lives of your fellow Fogey officers if you do not believe you can fulfill the responsibilities of your office.

Ranks are employed in the Fogeys for quick and effective leadership. A command issued from a higher authority must be completed in a timely, efficient, and honest manner. If it is overridden by a higher authority, inform the lower authority that their command has been overridden before you depart upon your new task so that they can find someone else to do what needs to be done.

It is most crucial that you respect anyone who holds a rank higher then you. They may have not been promoted for the best of reasons, but you respect the rank, not the beast holding it. If a Fogey is caught disobeying the orders of a superior, severe reprimand will be inflicted. To become a Fogey, you swore to follow every single order issued to you from a higher power, and the higher powers in the Fogey have the support of the mayor, and therefore you must obey them, no matter how odd, cruel, strange, or contradictory they are. If you feel an officer of the Fogeys is a little…off the rocker, it is best to inform the Mayor or the Commissioner on how they are so, so that things can be dealt with properly and officially. Do not confront a fellow officer openly, unless they are about to breach the law. It is a violation of apparent power to do so, and works to reduce our actual power.

The Two types of Powers

There are two types of power, and all other power can be listed under either one of these. This section is not describing the power of the wind, skill with a sword, or anything. It is concerning political power, and since Fogeys are indeed involved in politics, it is essential we have some basic education in this area. No, this section will not teach you how to become a lawyer, but it will give you the basics of the political system.

There are two types of power, actual and apparent. We shall first deal with the much more common apparent power, which sometimes can be more powerful then actual power, perhaps even enough to overtake it.

Apparent Power: Apparent power is the power that you appear to have, but do not actually have. This greatly concerns the Fogeys, and deeply affects our public relations. We must, at all times, appear to have very great apparent power. This is not saying that we do not have actual power, but our apparent power must be rock solid and as large as Amarone itself. It should appear like we carry a long shadow over crime, keeping it in the darkness at all times. A Fogey must always act like one while on duty, and must not show any hesitation while exerting their authority. The mere notion that you are going to act, and act in the manner befitting of a Fogey, will stop many more potential crimes then if one does not act like one or hesitates in carrying out their duties.

It is to maintain our apparent power that there shall be zero tolerance for public arguing between Fogeys. This greatly diminishes our organizations apparent power, and suggests strife and disunity between the Fogeys, and crime will quickly overtake us if this perception becomes widespread. It is very hard to build up apparent power again once you have lost it. It can be done, but it should not be done because two of our members are too thickheaded to forget their differences for a moment. You are officers of the Imperium's police force, not little 5-year old kits! Just cool down, and if you cannot absolutely work with another Fogey, patrol a different area and request a transfer. If you must fight with them, do it off-duty, out of uniform, and out of sight.

Actual Power: Actual power is the power a creature of the Imperium has; the ability to call upon beasts, the ability to spend a large amount of gilders, and the ability to persuade those with greater actual power to assist them. Actual power is much, much more rare then apparent power, and thus should not be spent or used frequently. It is thus always good to always keep apparent power up; with actual power supporting that if the façade cracks. We are fortunate to have the mMyor to call upon during time of need, and through him or her we derive most of our substantial actual power. Our ranks, numbers, and skill all affect our actual power as well. Remember, most creatures do not have noteworthy actual power, but if you are positive they do, ask for the support of the mayor or a senior official before attempting to arrest them, as it could be very dangerous for you personally if you attempt to go at it alone, as actual power has a way of saving those who have it.

Now that we have dealt with the critical issues of apparent and actual power, we shall take a closer look into the ranks of the Fogeys, from administrative to Enforcement, and then from Mayor to Cadet.

The Administrative Section: One's job in the Fogeys is considered administrative when more than half of the work that a Fogey does is not related to enforcement. Most of the higher ranks have some dabbling in the administrative section, with the Mayor and the Commissioner being the heads of this section and often the most busy carrying out these duties. They are the ones who manage the running of the Fogeys, and deal with the massive amount of paperwork we receive. It is crucial that such beasts be respected for their talents: they may not be out on the streets for their Fogeys, but they are supplying them, feeding them, and dealing with all of the political, bureaucratic, and economic troubles to allow them to do their duties in peace.

The Enforcement Section: The enforcement section of the Fogeys is comprised of those who go out on the streets and do the actual crime fighting and enforcement of the law. Paperwork is not their primary job, although many will find it does take up a substantial amount of their time. Their job is to follow orders quickly and effectively, without fail. They are skilled in the use of their baton and other "secondary" weapons. They will use their skills and training to ensure that the average imperial citizen has at least some degree of safety, and to keep law and order in the city.

The Mayor: The job of the Mayor, in relation to the Fogeys, is to hand out major promotions, the most potent of warrants*, the most important orders besides those of the Emperor, and to lead the Fogeys in times of great civil unrest. The Mayor should not be bothered with the more minor affairs of the Fogeys, but should be kept abreast of major developments and to take leadership of them in times of severe crises. The Mayor does, however, have many other duties, which is why most Fogey affairs will be dealt with by the Fogey Commissioner. It is also the Fogey's duty to act as the Mayor's personal security force in addition to keeping law and order, and to ensure that his family are well-protected at all times. An assassination of a Mayor would not bode well for Bully Harbor, or the Imperium.

*Defined as the ability to arrest/search any officers of a naval ship, their captains, or any high-ranking official who is suspected of being corrupt or (dangerously) inept. His signature is also required for execution warrants.

The Fogey Commissioner

The Commissioner assists the mayor in the day to day running of the Fogeys, giving him daily reports of what has occurred. Technically, such reports are supposed to supposed to detail each and every crime in Bully Harbor, but the daily report of the Fogeys is more or less a small general report indicating the amount of crimes committed the previous day, their type, punishments carried out, and a general report of the safety of Bully Harbor. This report is compiled by the Commissioner based off of what reports his or her Sector Commanders write, so it is important for a Commissioner to make sure good, competent beasts hold such positions.

Other duties of the Fogey Commissioner include handing out minor to medium promotions, recruitment, dealing with most of the more important minor issues The Fogeys may face as well as a few major ones, distributing the pay among Sector Commanders, and to issue the more important commonly used warrants*. The Commissioner is also able to take temporary command of the Fogeys if the Mayor is incapacitated or otherwise unable to accomplish his duties.

*Most search warrants, arrest warrants, access to the more classified Imperial Archives, and the "confiscated evidence" vaults of the Fogeys.

Sector Commander

As explained in Chapter One, there are four sectors of Bully Harbor that the Fogeys must patrol, and there are are thus four Sector Commanders. They are the ones who are caught between the Administrative and the Enforcement sections of the Fogeys, though their duties tend to be administrative in general. They are to issue (minor) promotions of the members in their section, to deal with the minor issues of their sector, to report to the Commissioner at the end of the workday(which ends when the sun sets), to go once weekly on patrol with their subordinates, and to take care of the distribution of pay and equipment to the Fogey. They also issue basic search warrants, confinement* warrants, minor to medium arrest warrants, and they are required to inform their Fogeys about assignments handed down by the Mayor or Commissioner.

They are essentially the ones who head the enforcement section and who begin to see upper level administrative duties. It is a tasking position for one who rose up from cadet, unless they are extremely skilled with both truncheon and pen. One will most likely see them behind their desks, begging for anyone to come in to tell them about any issues, so as to write an excuse not to do the mounds of paperwork and go back to bashing in heads and keeping the peace. Sector Commanders thus tend to delegate extensively to aides to help them deal with this work if something that requires their attention comes up, and most happily do so.

*Confinement warrants are not arrest warrants; it simply states that a beast shall be confined until further notice.

Squad Captain

The Squad Captains are one of the most vital assets a Sector Commander can have. There are normally around two through four per sector, who control the rest of the Fogeys under them in that area. They are the last of the real enforcement-heavy ranks. They go out on daily patrols with their Fogeys, and make sure everyone comes back alive that day. They are responsible for training the cadets under them, as well as administering low-level punishment to those who disobey or break the Fogey code. A Sector Commander's success is largely dependent on how well his squad captains are able to fulfill their duties, as they are his or her principal means of keeping order in their sector.


The Inspectors of the Fogeys are what could be considered the "covert" force of the Fogeys. They are the force's detectives, information-gatherers, and infiltrators. They are normally actively working on risky investigations or takedowns of particularly dangerous organizations. As such, they are almost uniformly highly experienced and skilled. Though few, they can be counted upon to get the job done, and are highly valued by the Mayor and the Commissioner. They are not in the regular chain of command, in the sense that Sector Commanders, Squad Leaders do not command them:They answer to the Mayor and Commissioner alone in order to ensure that a corrupt or inept Sector Commander or Squad Captain does not jeopardize their critical investigations or infiltrations. This does not place them above such beasts in rank nor can they order them around, but simply out of their authority.


The Sergeants of the Fogeys are the critical street level leaders. They are the senior officers in a neighborhood; they know who to look for when trouble is caused. They are adept with their nightstick, having used it many times. They watch out for the younger cadets and constables, and many have refused promotion for the chance to teach new Fogeys on how to fight and how to patrol. They can be likened to non-commissioned officers in the army: officers give the orders, but they are the ones who ensure they are carried out. They lead most of the patrols which Squad Captains cannot. They are respected by the Cadets and Constables, and are typically smiled upon and greatly appreciated by those in higher authority. They are, in lack of better words, the old guard of the force.

Constables Constables are considered the backbone of the Fogeys, being by far the most numerous of all of the ranks. They are the cadets who have learned their way around Bully Harbor and the truncheon feels right in their paws. They have successfully graduated from cadethood, and do most of the actual crimefighting. They are your most common Fogey, the ones you see looking at food in stores and patrolling the streets. They are normally assigned anything from low level thefts to murders, and are often switched around regularly within their sector, so as to keep a constable from becoming too familiar with one area to the point of being more likely to accept a bribe, and to ensure they have a firm knowledge of all areas of their sector.


Cadets are the newest members of the Fogeys. They are raw recruits with various talents who have to have their attitudes adjusted to the life of a Fogey officer. They shall learn to wield the truncheon, learn basic law enforcement and crimefighting skills, go on easier patrols, and will be allowed to arbitrate minor disputes and figure out minor crimes under the supervision of a constable. They are not trusted with anything major, and are often given the most mundane and boring of tasks so that they learn patience and dedication, which are key elements in becoming a true Fogey. After a period of time, they will be approved for promotion, and take up their duties as a full Fogey.

The Training of a Cadet, he Crisis System (aka what to do when all hell breaks loose), Fogey Assignments, Punishment under the LawEdit

Preface to Chapter 3

Though all chapters of this manual are important, this chapter is one of the most critical.This concerns with the training of a cadet, what assignment types a Fogey can expect, what to do in times of crises or extreme turmoil, and finally punishments for those who are disobedient, whether they are a Fogey or not. This is a practical chapter for those who are simply interested in knowing what to do, rather than why one does things.

-Commissioner Alexei Koslov

The Training of a Cadet: From Green to Constable

Ah, yes, the cadets. Those who refill the ranks once older Fogeys are pensioned out or die in the service of the Emperor. They are the lifeblood of the Fogeys, the new recruits brought in to learn the ways of the Fogey through much effort, skill, dedication, and in some cases, blood. There are three principal areas in which a Cadet will have to work at to graduate and reach the rank of Constable:

1. Physical Conditioning:

It is very important for a Fogey to be in perfect, or near-perfect physical shape and health while on duty. One cannot expect a sick or portly Fogey to be effective as those breaking the law who can be quite powerful or fast, which requires a Fogey to match, or preferably excel, them in these areas. It is suggested that a Fogey recruit take up daily running, practice regularly, if not daily with their truncheon, and to keep alcohol and grog levels to a minimum for a period of twenty-four hours before their assigned shifts. One should also drink plenty of water, as it facilitates all of this greatly.

2. Intellectual Resilience:

A Fogey must be able to adapt quickly, and that means they must be able to think on their feet. To do this, they must have significant intellectual stamina. A Fogey focusing on this area should spend time reading and writing, playing logic games with other cadets, and solving puzzles. It may seem kit-like to do such if one has to learn how to read from the beginning, or be looked at oddly for doing puzzles in their free time, but those kits that do these things often become quite successful as adults and since cadets are considered "kits" until they learn their way to being a Constable, it is not embarrassing to be seen doing so.

3. Moral Responsibility

Although this manual will attempt to cover nearly all crimes, there are certain grey areas which will depend on the morality of the Fogey. It is suggested, but only suggested, that they hold to a more or less degree, the morals of an Unsmudgeable, or for those unfamiliar, a fairly high moral standard. However, morals should not interfere in the way of peacekeeping, or ever contradict orders. It is expected that a Fogey does not disgrace themselves on duty, and off duty, as it can damage the apparent power of the force. We are only as strong as the weakest cadet, and if that cadet has a tendency to get drunk and engage in practices contradictory to the Fogey code, we all appear that way. Remember, it takes only one card out of a card stack to bring down the whole structure.

After these three basic requirements have been met, a Fogey cadet will then have to practice extensively with their truncheon, as it is the only thing that keeps them from getting killed in the line of duty. Four basic moves with a truncheon are required to become a Fogey Constable, and they are listed below.

The Parry:(Block)

It is most important for a Fogey cadet to be able to parry a blade or a knife aimed at killing them. While it varies for each type of weapon, a general consensus is not to meet the blade head on, but have it slide of your truncheon, and quickly ram the back end of it into the opponent's chest. If you are dealing with a smaller weapon, such as a knife, it may be best to take the blade head on, and then use a series of thrusts, sweeps, and knockdowns to end the fight quickly.

The Thrust

The thrust is designed to hit an opponent using the full force of a truncheon on one of its points, thrusting forward toward the enemy. It is generally used to hit an opponent square in the chest, or in any sensitive area. (Kneecaps, elbows, shoulders, stomach, neck.) It should cause the opponent to go down fairly quickly. Thrusts, when carefully used, can end a fight much faster then almost any other technique.

The Sweep:

The sweep is considered hitting an opponent with the sides of the Fogey truncheon, aiming for a wider area with force not being as focused as a thrust. It is used for beatings that will have to continue for some time, for hitting larger parts of the body, and hitting the head. It is meant for more widespread damage then the acute thrust, meaning it will take longer for an opponent to go down, but they will be hurting in a lot of places.

The Knockdown:

The knockdown is effective one a Fogey needs to end a lengthy fight quickly, but can't get close enough for a thrust or a sweep. This is when knockdowns are used. It may require some training in unarmed combat as well, but it can be accomplished with solely a truncheon. The point of a knockdown is to quickly bring an opponent to the ground, where a Fogey would then pin and handcuff the suspect. This can be achieved in many ways, but it is suggested to get an opponent off balance and then sweep their legs. It is up to the cadet to demonstrate they are able to reliably do this, though as always Fogey instructors can offer tips and guidance.

Remember, a cadet can use all of these as long as they can take down an opponent quickly.

More Information

Missions for a young cadet are generally mundane and fairly easy, but it varies on the will of the Sector Commander. Since most cadets are not extremely well trained in military or peacekeeping arts, they should deal with minor thugs and cutpurses, and do basic patrols around comparatively safe areas. Higher level missions for cadets are at the discretion of the Sector Commander, but a normal Fogey cadet can expect anywhere from a few weeks to a few months of lower level mundane assignments until their Commander recommends them for promotion. If a cadet is assigned a particularly daring, or dangerous mission, and they succeed in their task, they may be promoted to Constable for that achievement through merit. However, most Fogey cadets can expect to do multiple, low-risk assignments before becoming a Constable.

Many cadets will be transferred as seen fit by the Mayor and the Commissioner. It is good for a cadet to have seen, and policed, all four sectors of Bully Harbor before they become a Constable, so a cadet should expect to be shuffled around districts quite a bit. It will also help them get adjusted to all of the Sector Commanders and their individual peculiarities and preferences.

In conclusion, a Fogey cadet can expect anywhere from minor disturbances to a robbery during their time in an area. They will be closely observed on how they handle these situations, and if they are adept in handling them, and show a consistent, hard-working, and most importantly, successful crime fighting career, they will be promoted to Constable.

The Crisis System:

There is rarely, if ever, a need to invoke this system. This is the crisis system, the system that all Fogeys must fall back to if there is an unusually large civil unrest in an area. One should not fret over what they read in this chapter, it is simply preparing the the Fogeys for the worst case scenario and nothing less.

Definition of a Crisis:

A crisis can be quite hard to define. It could be a mother spilling hot milk on her children; it could be a lack of organization in paperwork, or even a fight over grog at the Bilge. However, the crisis defined in this manual must meet three conditions:

1: An unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.

2: When the Force is unable to complete its basic duty of keeping the streets safe, for any reason.

3: The Minister of War must also agree that regular order and justice cannot be maintained with assistance from The Stoatorian Guard, and must agree with the Mayor (or if the Mayor is incapacitated, the Commissioner or Acting Commissioner) to enact emergency powers.

After all of these conditions have been met, the Mayor shall invoke the emergency powers delegated to them directly by the Emperor.

Powers delegated to the Mayor in a Crisis:

The Mayor's emergency powers are, generally speaking, doing whatever it takes to restore stability to Bully Harbor. That being said, there are specific powers delegated by the Emperor to the Mayor, which are listed below.

Declaration of Martial Law:

Martial Law is defined as the ability of the Fogeys to override any current laws or rights that a citizen of the Imperium may have to safeguard Bully Harbor and the Imperium in times of a crisis. There does not have to be a warrant, or even plausible evidence, to take a beast into custody. It is strongly suggested a Fogey does not take any additional liberties during this time they may not be able to do during regular times, for this can lead to severe issues later. Martial law is put in place for the Fogeys to do their regular job in a time of crisis quickly and effectively in chaotic situations: it is never meant to be sustained in the long term. If any Fogey is caught abusing the privileges granted to them by the declaration of martial law, they will face severe reprimand or even criminal charges. Fogeys are supposed to stop looters and troublemakers, not become them.

Indefinite Confinement without Reason or Evidence:

In a time of an officially recognized crisis, the Mayor can imprison any citizen of the Imperium without any reason or evidence for as long as they wish. This is done to simply ease the job of the Fogeys, and to make sure potential troublemakers do not get in the way of the plans set down by the Mayor for resolving the crisis.

The Commandeering of Houses, Items, and Ships:

If, during a time of criss, The Fogey Police Force does not have the time, money, or supplies to get the necessary requirements to end it, they may "commandeer" anything they deem necessary for the resolution of the crisis. This requires the written word of the Mayor to do so, however, and any additional "commandeering" will be punished. If property is destroyed during the resolution of the crisis, it may or may not be repaid depending upon the will of the Mayor, who will decide what compensation, if any, is necessary.

Orders of Evacuation from the City:

During times of extreme danger, the Mayor may order a general evacuation of the city for the safety of its citizens. This forcible evacuation overrides most other commands given to the Fogeys, and they will pretty much be entirely spent on enforcing it, so it should only be used in the most dire of circumstances.

The Fogey Commissioner may also be entitled to some of these abilities if the Mayor delegates the responsibility to them, and they have the same worth as if the Mayor themselves had issued the command.

In the event that the chain of command is broken:

May I remind all Fogeys who are reading this book that this system will most likely never be used.It is the system that deals with what will happen to the Fogeys if all the Major command figures are either killed or unable to complete their duties. It will offer instructions on how to fix the chain of command, which absolutely must be kept at all costs. Panic, uncertainty, and confusion about who is leading the force will only result in the worsening of a situation which will already be quite difficult to deal with if this system has to be revoked.

The Administrative Branch removed:

If, at any time, both the Mayor and the Fogey Commissioner are both either dead or incapable of completing their duties, control of the Fogeys will be temporarily granted to the Sector Commanders, who will unanimously elect an Acting Commissioner who will act as the leader of the Fogeys until the crisis is over.

The Sector Commanders removed:

If the Sector Commanders are incapacitated or killed during any instance, and both the Mayor and Fogey Commissioner are likewise, Squad Captains will immediately vote among themselves to decide who will be appointed as temporary Sector Commanders and elect an Acting Commissioner.

The Last Line of Defense: The Ministry of War

If, and Only If, the Mayor, The Commissioner, The Sector Commanders, and the Squad Captains are either killed or incapacitated, all remaining Fogeys will report to the Ministry of War for reassignment. Although it is up to the current Minister of War to decide where the command of the Fogeys will be placed under, it is generally agreed that this position be Captain of the Guard, for if there is ever such a major disturbance that this last measure has to be enacted, they will need all the help they can get to ensure Bully Harbor is still standing the next day, which is the ultimate responsibility of the Fogey Police Force.

Fogey Assignment Types:

We have dealt with sectors in Chapter One, now it is time for assignment types. There are various different situations in which a Fogey can be assigned to:the most common and general ones will be listed here.

The Patrol:

The patrol is the most common Fogey assignment type. This is where a Fogey, or group of Fogeys, patrols the area which they are assigned to, keeping a lookout for lawbreakers. Generally, most patrols carry up to around eight Fogeys, but areas with larger or more frequent lawbreaking may have more. A full patrol will last for about three hours depending upon the size of the area they are told to patrol. A patrol should do vertical patrol of the grid to which they are assigned, and then do sweeping motions across their assigned section of Bully Harbor, and finally retrace their steps and head back the way they came to ensure that criminals and wrongdoers don't just jump at the chance to commit crime once a patrol has past. Most cadets are assigned to such patrols in the "easy" sections of the city.

Guard Duty:

Another common assignment type is guard duty, where a few Fogeys will guard a particular creature, item, or area for a scheduled amount of time. They are to keep it safely protected and free of criminal elements at all times. There are normally around Four Fogeys guarding a particular area or person, but it could be more or less depending on circumstances. This is mainly a Constable or Sergeant duty, but cadets can also be assigned to guard duty depending upon their ability and need.


Raids are not nearly as common as patrols and guard duty, but they do happen with moderate frequency. A raid is defined as breaking into a dwelling or area and arresting any known criminal elements there. Normally called by an Inspector who has discovered crucial evidence or has infiltrated a gang and is ready to cease its operations after obtaining a warrant from the Mayor. It can also be called by any Fogey with an equivalent or higher rank to end dangerous organizations and meetings before they out of hand. It is very rare that a cadet participates in a raid, as it is generally reserved for more experienced Constables and Sergeants since they tend to be very dangerous.

Stakeouts and Observations:

Stakeouts and onservations are generally called upon by those in upper ranks of the Fogeys to watch a particular individual or group of individuals. The more dangerous the individual or group, the more experienced Fogey required. Depending on the type and danger of a stakeout or observation, this duty can fall to anyone ranging from cadets all the way up to Sector Commanders.


Infiltration is most commonly seen to by Inspectors through their various disguises, contacts, and informants. Although usually the job of an Inspector, Sergeants and Constables may be called upon to do any role the Inspector requires them to play in order for him or her to complete their infiltration into an organization.

Note: Infiltration is different from Observation because a Fogey is not merely watching them, but is gathering detailed information about their plans, plots, and members while temporarily "joining" these organizations undercover.

The Necessary Instrument of the Law: Punishments.

Many in the Imperium, for some unknown reason, do not think that they will be punished for committing a crime. They are quite wrong. For every action there is a reaction, and this is certainly true in dealing with Supreme Law of the Emperor.

This section thus deals with what punishments fit what crimes, and it also deals with Fogey betrayals and misdemeanors. What shall be described is the word of the law, however, it depends on whether a Fogey will use it to the full extent or not, based on circumstances and mitigating factors, which a Fogey must make a compelling extent for if indeed they decide to not pursue the law to its fullest extent.

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