The Bowen Arrow is, without a doubt, the nicest establishment in the Trenches. It is also the smallest establishment in the area. When it first opened, many mistook the eatery for a small broom cupboard set into a wall, with a pretty sign hung above it. However, word of its fine food spread, and soon beasts were lining up down the block to dine in cramped confines of the space. The original founder, Gaffik Bowen, was so pleased by the results that he eventually expanded the restaurant into three rooms, one of them being the kitchen. Needless to say, it's not a whole lot bigger than it was, but at least it can now hold more than three beasts at a time.

With its hole-in-the wall status, it has a surprisingly rustic charm to it. The Bowen Arrow is a popular restaurant for couples who want a less-expensive place to dine and a more personal atmosphere. It has all the romantic candlelight and secluded booths one could ask for at a fraction of the price. As long as you don't mind rubbing elbows (literally) with other patrons a lot of the time due to the lack of room, the Bowen Arrow may prove to be a favorite restaurant.