The Slups is a residential area of Bully Harbor, wedged between the Insanely Rich Area to the north, the Trenches in the south, and Zann's Backyard in the east. These neighboring districts sorely wish they didn't sit in such close proximity to the Slups, and rightfully so.

The Slups is little more than a fetid collection of dirty houses, dingy meandering streets, narrow alleys and awkward shantytowns hunkered in the burned-out shells of older buildings. The poor and desperate often wind up in the Slups, and crime runs rampant. Most consider it a lost cause, and it is rarely ever ventured into by the Fogeys (or anyone with a functional sense of smell, as the unique aroma of the Slups has been known to kill Missertross gulls when the wind changes in a certain way). It has nearly burned down at least three times, and during the Winter War of 1733 was almost completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt, with the addition of Sinkhole Square; none of this has improved the conditions of the area in the least.

However, those who can look out for themselves and are good at Not Being Stabbed can find hidden gems in the cesspit that is the Slups, especially of an illegal nature. Black markets, drug dens, and houses of ill repute are all easy to find if one knows where to look. A few shady taverns also exist in the Slups, where less scrupulous sailors meet to sip cheap grog and discuss unsavory things; these include the Knotty Anchor and Pritchard's Pebble.