Sinkhole Square is a war memorial located in the Slups. Formed out of the blast crater from the weapon known as the Raulish Flame, the memorial lists the names of the dead from the first battle of the Winter War. Each name is listed on a cobblestone, forming a large recess in the middle of the Square, approximately 30 meters in diameter. There are 763 names on the memorial, including civilian casualties, Stoatorian Guard, M.A.U.L., Fogeys, and some members of the Navy and Army. The most notable names on the list are:

The memorial was constructed in Merry of 1734 on order of Mayor Anithias Freedom. In the press conference announcing the memorial, he explained the design choice as: "No artifice can better represent the scar on our memory left by the Winter War than this scar left on our city."

Unsurprisingly, the surrounding Slups remain as dirty and poverty-stricken as ever despite this.