Shovar mccallah by tseegadu-d5z9lru

Shovar, as drawn by Tseegadu of DeviantArt.

Appearing from the Wilds, Shovar has asserted herself into Imperium living by becoming the model Guardsbeast.

From the BunkEdit

Species Pine Marten

Gender Female

Weapon Broadsword


A lithe marten who exudes more strength than grace in her movements, Shovar stands about half a head taller than the average member of her species. Sandy fur covers most of her body, fading to a dirty silver on her face and chest and black on her limbs, ears, eyes and tail. Her eyes are grey.

She wears a loose white shirt and brown breeches, and seems to always have at least three or four belts strapped around her waist and across her shoulders at any given time. The thickest goes over her left shoulder and holds her broadsword in place across her back. The others keep any number of bags and pouches close at paw. She wears no footwear, but keeps her wrists and ankles wrapped with strips of red cloth.

She was born sometime during the summer of 1705.

Biography Edit

Shovar met the crew of the Golden Hide one day in mid-Thermidor when she appeared unannounced out of the wilds while a fair number of the crew were busy hunting down their missing captain, Armina Rogue. A short fist-fight later she found herself their prisoner, but that particular state of affairs did not last long and the marteness quickly offered her services to the crew.

Now a crewbeast of the Golden Hide, Shovar spends her time adjusting to her new surroundings and trying to convince her fellow crewbeasts that she's as good as her word.


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