Satire Square is located in the junction between Market Road and Setting Duck Street, the longest road in Bully Harbour, which winds from the Imperial Docks to Zann's Backyard. The road leading to the Ministry of Innovation's offices (er, dropbox) also sprouts from Satire Square. In the Northeast corner is the office of the Minister of War.

Satire Square is under the Ministry of Niceties' trust. Smaller and less active than the Market Square, it is instead focused on the arts (a most dangerous pastime), with various stages set around the perimeter for actors and artists to express themselves upon for as many gilders as their audience wishes to bestow upon them. Various food vendors also litter the scene, somewhat literally. The Opera House stands not too far from the square.

In the center of the Square is a stone pedestal with the words:

Chester Larzenbright

Minister of Niceties


Sadly, the pedestal has been bereft of statue for over two hundred years.