Pavot, as pictured in the 1733 Christmas card.

Pavot was recently made cook of the Golden Hide after a disastrous slip up with a barrel of grog. She found her way early on as a member of the Grey Guard, and quickly made a few odd friendships with vigilantes like Ghost [Toran]. The young feline is often caught up in some sort of trouble, or mishap, most the time unintentionally. After her time as a Grey Guard, she was recruited into the Stoatorian Guard, and became the Last Quarter Master's apprentice. Now she holds the position as the LQM after her teacher passed in the overtaking of the Harbor.Edit


Nickname: Accident Prone

Species: Wildcat

Gender: Female

Weapon: Bow

Physical Traits
Pavot, a smaller then usual wildcat has blue eyes, and light gray fur. Dark gray spots ring her eyes and tail along with covering her right ear. At 16 seasons, she is lean, muscular with sharp claws and a love for shooting.
Usually not seen without her red cloak and black bow. This wildcat has an arrow pouch attached to her worn belt, along with a golden ear ring and two gold rings around her tail.
Personality Traits
A loyal cat with a very small temper and a large gambling problem. She is not much for jumping into fights, but likes to stand back and see who is the winning side, then join in where needed. A good strategist, and a better trickster, she can scam almost anyone out of anything, and those who she can't will normally find themselves in traps a few days later.


The ferret was rather surprised at the turn of events, having been out on a hunting trip. Finding it was a small creature curled up in the dark red cloak, little more than a few seasons old, he made the choice, after being alone for many seasons and did what he thought was right, and brought the little grey kitten back to his cottage deep in the forest. Not knowing what to call the young cat, he decided to name her after the clearing she was found in, Pavot Clearing.
Only a few seasons after finding her, Midnight gave the wildcat her first bow. Before he could teach her much else, she had taken aim and hit the near by target dead center. Not long after that he took the young cat on her first hunting trip; eventually letting her go hunting on her own desire. On the 16th anniversary of Pavot being found she was given a black bow, and a special belt for her arrows. Not two weeks later, Midnight was mauled by a hawk and carried away while on a hunt with Pavot. In despair, Pavot packed her essentials and left for the horizon.
Upon arriving in a port town, commonly known as bully harbor, she befriended a navy stoat who served for the Golden Hide. After a week at port he finally persuaded her to join the navy. Upon joining, she was joyed to learn that she would be assigned to the Golden Hide

Ship: The Golden Hide

Rank: Crewmember: Senior Chief Petty Beast


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