Si desidemur, depressi summus! 

~Naval motto, meaning "If we sink, we're sunk!"

Ships ! Who cares about all that landlubberin'? The life of a seabeast is th' sort ye want t' experience! Aye, but ye can't just join up any ol' ship! When ye first join th' Imperial Navy, th' clerks at th' office measure ye up - height, weight, distance between th' ears, tail length, favourite colour o' fruit... An' then, with all this information, they takes it an' go compare it t' other bits o' paper an' th' like, an' with all this knowledge, they puts ye on a completely random ship. Pers'nally, guv, I thinks they use a dartboard.

Luckily, thanks t' th' fine blokes down at th' Court House?, ye can request a transfer t' any other ship ye like! So it's in yer best intentions t' look at all th' different ships t' choose from. 

His Grace's SailsEdit

The current player-controlled ships in the Navy are:

Ships once in the Navy:

Other Ships in the Navy (NPC controlled):

Ranking SystemEdit

There are several ranks available in the navy, though each require the permission of those above you (as well as a small bit of coin- processin' fees 'n such) in order to ascend. They are, in order of lowest to highest:

  • Landlubber (Not in Navy)
  • Crewmember: Decoy (Recruit)
  • Crewmember: Searat
  • Crewmember: Bucketbeast
  • Crewmember: Deckswab 2nd Class
  • Crewmember: Deckswab 1st Class
  • Crewmember: Chief Petty Beast
  • Crewmember: Senior Chief Petty Beast
  • Crewmember: Master Chief Petty Beast
  • Crewmember: Master Chief Petty Beast of the Navy
  • Officer: Greenhorn
  • Officer: Ensign
  • Officer: Lieutenant
  • Captain: Commander
  • Admiral: Commodore
  • Admiral: Rear Admiral
  • Minister: War/Misanthropy/Niceties/Commerce
  • General Superuser
  • Minister: Innovation

OOC/Out of Character:Edit

The Navy is one of many occupations on the VI and tends to be where the most roleplaying is had. While in the Navy the player gain access to a special ship-specific board as well as the normal boards, where they can converse and join in Ship-Wide plots. The player's ship will generally be in port for one week, and leave for sea for another or until the Captain chooses to raid or explore.

During this time at sea you will be unable to access the markets, bank, and shore minigames. Plan your funds accordingly!