Kenshin Bladedart as depicted by SimplyIrenic of DeviantArt.

A prior beast of honor, Kenshin's titles have included Captain of the Golden Hide and Minister of War. His current whereabouts are unknown.

From the BunkEdit

Species Fox

Gender Male

Weapon Broadsword


Physical aspects of any species tend toward an average that compensates for differences in individuals. One might be a bit faster than others, and more coordinated, while being not so strong as others in their species. In contrast, one might be shorter and thicker, yet be more difficult to dislodge and stronger than their fellows, at the sake of speed. In the end, each seems to have an area they excel in, and it averages itself out. To become exceptional in most areas require a great deal of hard work. There are a few exceptions to this, an occasionally an individual or two a generation is born that excels at nearly everything.

One-such individual happens to be Kenshin R. Bladedart.

A head taller than the average fox, Kenshin towers over many in his species. Kenshin’s lean stature immediately shows him to be built for agility. Indeed, it is unlikely that one, if any, could match this fox’s blinding dexterity, much less surpass it. Many who have seen him in action remember only a brown blur as he gracefully flew by. His strength, while not immediately apparent, is certainly match-able, though it is unlikely to be matched within his species.

Still a younger fox, Kenshin’s thick fur is an earthy brown uncommon to foxes, especially in the Imperium. Curiously, the earthy brown tone of his fur is almost dismissed when one catches a glimpse of the natural white patch of fur, just above his eyes in the center of his forehead. His eyes are shining sapphires, and seem to penetrate everything they fall upon, no matter how soft they are.

Kenshin has no particular form of dress. No longer constrained by military dress, his wardrobe has opened dramatically and away from the uniforms tucked back in chests in his manor. He favors cooler colors most days, enjoying being dressed in blues and greens, and occasionally purples. His other accessories of items from his travels which he finds to his fashionable tastes crop up randomly in whatever dress he has decided on for the day. The one thing you can always count on is his being armed. Though skilled with nearly any weapon, Kenshin prefers and always carries his katana and wakizashi, as well as a few other more concealed items. Even though Kenshin attempts, albeit half-heartedly but still attempts, to avoid trouble wherever he goes, trouble still manages to find him.