Map of Kenny s Bunk Pointe by TundraWolf666

Kenny's Bunk Pointe as mapped by TundraWolf666 on DeviantArt.

The southernmost tip of the Vulpinsula, where a small town of the same name sits. No one is exactly sure who Kenny was, and why the Point was named after his bunk. This continues to baffle historians to this day.

Kenny's Bunk Point has quite the reputation, being in all sense of the term a "tourist trap." Indeed, the town came into being mostly to try and tempt sightseeing beasts into spending their gilders on cheap junk. At first, the Point drew in beasts who sought to observe certain large, sea-dwelling creatures that would pass it during the winter months. Eventually, some clever beasts hit upon the idea of exploiting this to earn profit, and thus the town appeared, initially offering "Certain Large Sea-Dwelling Creature Cruises." These yachting expeditions, ranging from one to three hours in length, still pull in the cash to this day.

It's not a good idea to visit Kenny's Bunk Point if you value your money. The citizens will hound you, annoy you and even prevent you from leaving until you've bought at least one of everything.

  • Stoatorian Guard Barracks and Complex (Onna Hill)</li></li>
  • Fogey HQ and Complex</li></li>
  • Magistrate's House and Complex</li></li>
  • Kenny's Bunk Pointe Maul-Spot (First "Mall" of the Imperium)</li></li>
  • Cemetary and Church</li></li>
  • "Forriners Just Don't Get 'Et" Tours</li></li>
  • "Lord Brandy's Glass-Bottomed Boatings"</li></li>
  • Bakery/Produce Market</li></li>
  • Fish Market</li></li>
  • Statue of Kenny (No Distinguishing Features)</li></li>
  • "Sea Creature Watch Pointe"</li></li>