A residential area of Bully Harbour, the Insanely Rich Area houses creatures who are, appropriately, insanely rich. They generally disdain their proximity to the Slups which is why only one road connects their area of town to the "Other Vermin"

It is obvious to anybeast who happens into this area just how insanely rich the Insanely Rich are. Manor houses here feature expensive and gaudy architecture, and many of the structures are kept unnaturally clean through means of a small army of servants, sycophants and bootlickers. The gardens surrounding these mansions alone are known to be as big as town squares, and the buildings themselves range from being as large as a block of standard houses in the Trenches, to enormous structures that could encompass Satire Square. The area is regularly patrolled by the Fogeys and - at one point in time - the Stoatorian Guard, and the utmost in security is taken when protecting these houses from "rabble." However, regular conflict in the area is not uncommon, though its mainly squabbling between neighbors hoping to expand their property even more, as space here is extremely limited due to various excesses.

The Insanely Rich creatures are, understandably, very stuck up.