Known as the Very Wet Island, Hildobrin lies off the northwestern coast of the Mahsterious Sahthern Cahntinent, and was one of the furthest points explored by the Vulpine Imperium prior to the recent expansion efforts. The island is small, forested, and seemingly perpetually engulfed in mist or rain, due to the weather patterns of the area. It is frequently hit by storms, and many ships have been wrecked on the rocks near its coast, making the nearby waters an eerie graveyard of half-sunk vessels. Colonization of the island is considered impossible, and the Imperium has left the island alone.

Recently, lookouts of ships passing the island have reported what might be the lights of a settlement, but only on those rare nights when the local waters are not being bombarded with monsoon weather. Why anyone would choose to live on Hildobrin is anybeast's guess, and thus it is only considered a minor curiosity.

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