The Symbol of Hanshima, as created by Kaiea Malikus.


Hanshima, as seen from the world map.

Hanshima is a nation to the east of the Vulpine Imperium and Alkamar, on the southern end of the Varangian continent. Until recent months, Hanshima was long comprised of several clans, divided for the most part into two factions, each of which was led by the two largest clans. One side was headed by the ShadowBlade family, formerly led by Lester ShadowBlade, elder brother of Jamal K. ShadowBlade.


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Trade and Relations

In relation to the Vulpine Imperium, Jamal offered an alliance that was accepted. A contingent of Hanshimese warships arrived in the Imperium late in the war against Maelstrom, in time to aid in the battle on the 21st of Thermidor, 1733.


During the spring and summer of 1733, Lester led his clan to victory over the opposing clan, effectively putting it and the minor clans under ShadowBlade rule and uniting Hanshima under one banner. Soon after, Lester took ill and died, allowing the title of Warlord to fall to Jamal by default.

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