Pricklee Pointe, as see from the Map of the Imperium.

This small community is situated on the western coast of Pricklee Pointe, and is a chief supplier of timber to the Imperium. Its mostly a ramshackle collection of huts, a mill, and a barn for storage. Although a profitible venture, with timber in high demand, the woodland is treated with a sort of superstitious leeriness. So many trees, to a culture largely used to sandy islands, is an ominous sight. Many an eerie story has been told of what lurks in the foliage, and very few beasts who go to Drustan Wood stay very long.

Still, a few hardy souls continue to live and work there, unswayed by rumors of giant vole monsters or phantom lights (in some cases, these two are switched around to vole lights and giant phantom monsters. This doesn't help the reputation of the village anymore than the first two did). In addition to the lumber trade, the place has often been used as a last stop for would-be explorers into the depths of the continent. Most, if not all, of these adventurers never come back, and nobeast bats an eye about it ("Let the idiot get eaten by the light vole phantom of giant monstrosity").

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