Darastaja as depicted by TeaDino of DeviantArt.


A practicer of the Way of the Steadfast Storm, Darastaja calls the Golden Hide her home.

From the BunkEdit

Gender: Female

Species: Weasel

Weapon: Rapier 

Age: 20


From first glance, perhaps, Darastaja is an average-looking weasel, covered in mostly light-brown fur, with a white underside. A closer look should probably find the long, very obvious scar running across the right side of her face, over her right eye, all the way to her ear.

An eyepatch made of sharkskin leather covers the weasel's eye, presumably destroyed in whatever instance left the scar in the first place.

Darastaja stands at something of an average height, sinewy and tough-looking.

The weasel dresses plainly and practically for her line of work, namely bounty hunting, occasionally bounty killing and assassination, typically wearing a dark shirt and/or cloak, and olive green trousers.

When it's use is required, the weasel carries her weapon of choice, a long rapier, in it's scabbard on the right side of her belt; she is left handed.

Most of her jobs do not require such a weapon, however, and a long dagger is typically wielded instead, which can alternatively be used as a parrying dagger for the more intensive sword fights.

Darastaja is a borderline sociopath with some traces of megalomania, who sometimes enjoys her job a bit too much.

Biography: Edit

Born into the powerful Reetur family, in a nation far from the Imperium, Darastaja was always well acquainted with power, and it's misuse. The family was infamous for it's violent pacification of the peasantry under it's control.

But war and famine took it's gradual toll on the feudal system, and the Reetur family's power dwindled. When Darastaja abandonded the fiefdom in search of a more interesting (and though she would never admit it to anyone, safer) land, and with a large catch the family's wealth, it was only a few days from collapsing.

It was then that she discovered her true calling, putting her combat training and experience into something that rewarded more than being a soldier. Bounty killing. Each job took her into new lands, and after much time, and after receiving nearly as many injuries as paychecks, Darastaja managed to find herself in Vulpinsula, where the Maelstrom conflict, and even some of the more minor crime wars, yield multiple business opportunities.

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