Downel, as seen in the Map of the Imperium.

Located southeast of Kenny's Bunk Point near Vulpinsula , Downel is thankfully larger than its sister island, Parva. It's never very crowded on Downel, even during tourist season- after all, it's an island where creatures go to sit in the warmer sun and enjoy themselves. It has an excellent view of the Sea of Calamities. Downel is home to Smufum Beach, probably one of the more famous sights in the Imperium .

Downel is also noteable for its rich vineyards. The climate there suits the growing of grapes and berries in the production of fine wines, and they usually sell for a high price. Those who can afford it won't ever tell you've they've hated Downel wine, and the Rich often demand their spirits come from the island specifically.