Bronze Fang, as seen in the 1733 Christmas Card.

"When the rich beg on the street, When the thief enforces the law, When 'Justice' has her mask torn off and shown for the villainy beneath, When the kitts of 'Hope' who sing of freedom are captured- The day is nigh." -Murkle Mack

Bronze Fang was once the leader of the of the anarchist group Maelstrom, who preached the destruction of the Imperium's government. In return, he would have them replaced by Warlords, leaving the land in blood-soaked anarchy. 

There were beasts that backed him, sickened by the new Emperor and clearly corrupt government. These beasts became the group known as Maelstrom, and they made their first move in Bugs of 1732. Sinking an Imperial vessel, they sent back a sole survivor to tout the skill of their attacks.