Brigo Zann (1604-1677) was a jeweler, specializing in diamonds and rubies, usually, but with an interest in all sorts of precious stones. His store was the most trafficked and well known jewelery shop in Bully Harbor, because of its location right on the cusp of the Market. Zann thought he was getting a great deal with a huge area of land so near to the Market, but little did he know the effect of the Slups on his business. In particular, it was a rare oddity for a shipment of jewels to come from any ship to his store without being attacked. Even hidden in loaves of bread, the jewels were ambushed and stolen.

Zann's first solution was perfectly normal - he hired more guards. The guards did well to secure him a steady, if still stoppered, flow of jewels and precious metals. The guards, though, were easily bribed. Accustomed to life on the nearly petty-crime free Parva, Zann was not happy. With the profits from his initial endeavors, he bought twelve buildings lining the street from the intersection of the roads to the Market. He then purchased several decommissioned Imperial Warships, stripped the ballistics off, and mounted them, on the buildings. He formed a group called the Citizen's Militia who manned the buildings.

The first demonstration of the Militia's ability came a few days later, with a transport of expensive rubies from Magh. When the inevitable ambush on the practically unguarded transporters came, the theives soon found themeselves victims to a high powered assault from three seperate rooftops. Creatures commented that it was "like using a sledgehammer to crush a bug," but Zann thought it worked wonderfully, on many fronts. Soon, other retailers were going to him and paying money for the free passage of food and supplies, and Zann became quite wealthy.

Today, the road formerly watched by the Citizen's Militia is known as Zann's Alley, while the commercial area behind the twelve buildings he initially purchased is Zann's Backyard.