The Blackbone Isle, and its barrier islands the Anvil Isles.

The crown jewel of the Anvil Isles, Blackbone Isle is primarily grasslands, though the northern tip of the island is fraught with mountains and the cold icy tundra common within the Frigid Circle. Though once in the Imperium's control, it had since fallen into disrepair as the Maelstrom Conflict began.

The Anvil Islands have long been a safe haven for low-lying scum and petty thieves, however, during the Imperium's time of strife a nascent pirate king took up residence there, strongarming individual vessels into his own flotilla. Known as the Razorback, his belief is that the Imperium is weak and seeks to undermine its trade. Though he holds sway over the Anvil Isles, Blackbone Isle is where he makes his home. The only known structure on Blackbone Island is Razorback's fortress; an ancient fortification, carved from a mountainside and expanded over the centuries by a long succession of owners. Though there may have once been trade towns, they have since fallen into disrepair as their occupants sought to free themselves of Pirate rule.

Currently, the BlackShip is on a campaign to wipe out Razorback in Operation Claimant / Matutinus Malleos.

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