Kaden Ash Prophet concept

The Ash Prophet, minus markings on the mask, as drawn by Tesseri-Shira on DeviantArt.

"I offer you a true mask. I offer you the chance to truly start anew. Few will know the true name of the beast who lifted the folk of Bully Harbor from perdition; they will call him Ash Prophet, for as the Imperium has fallen from its once-impermeable splendor, the ashes of its glorious past will enable its future." - Marquo L. Senderjay, MinoNice.

The Ash Prophet is the leader of the Grey Guard in Bully Harbour, and a vertitable legend. Forged as a beast within the walls of Sleet Hall, he is charged with protecting the Harbour from the threat of Maelstrom. Keeping his face hidden from the world with the mask that Marquo gave him, he protects the weak and innocent from the anarchists clutches. His direct counter-thesis is Bronze Fang, the leader of Maelstrom.

The Ash Prophet is, for most purposes, above the law. Those within law-enforcement have been warned about his presence, but given a do-not-engage order from their higher-ups (with all connections leading back to the Minister of Niceties). When Maelstrom is less active, he helps keep the streets of Bully Harbor clean of crime and anarchy.

Perhaps most notable about the Prophet is his mask, an elegant and ancient full-face bronze mask. Engravings spread from the left eye to the left half of the mask in a flourish of elegant design. However, the right half of the mask looks almost dead in comparison, naught but a bronze plane. Where a beast would look out, there are only thin slits, enough to see a pair of chilling ice-blue eyes. The rest of his uniform is bland in comparison, sticking to greys and accents of firey red with black.

The beast behind the mask is known only to a few, but were you one of these beasts you would know his true name: Kaden M. Winder.

After the end of the Maelstrom Conflict, the Ash Prophet faded away, and it is unsure if he still remains within the Harbour.

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