Mayor Nocturne by yeswonderful

Aria and her violin, as drawn by Yeswonderful of DeviantArt.

From the BunkEdit

Species Rat

Gender Female

Weapon Rapier


Aria Fermata Nocturne was once a beautiful rat. Well, she still is, barring some scars from when her personal ship, the Greengill, went missing at the beginning of 1730 and she returned several weeks later, having been horribly tortured by unknown creatures until she was miraculously able to escape.

Aria's personality is best described as being like poisoned honey. She is usually genuinely cheerful and chirpy, though she is most skilled at backhanded compliments. Quite often the angrier she gets, the more cheerful she sounds.

She is somewhat tall for her species, slender, and well-groomed. Her soft fur is a kind of cinnamon brown (and, like the spice, her fur smells quite nice). The fur on her underside is a bit lighter and creamier. Her eyes are greyish blue.

Aria carries a very ornate rapier, much like her old one, which broke. Also, she always carries her little green ocarina on her, just in case a melody enters her head and she needs to play it to herself over and over until she can find a quill and jot it down. The rat wears all kinds of fancy, feminine things. Her Fogey uniform has even been modified slightly: instead of grey trousers, she wears a grey skirt, and instead of the black combat boots, she wears a pair of knee-high high-heeled monstrosities. So, yes, mostly fancy things, as gilders aren't much of an issue with her.

Biography Edit

Speaking of gilders not being an issue, Aria comes from the very prestigious and musically gifted Nocturne family. Alas, Aria, no matter how much she practices, is not musically gifted. Oh, she is good at the violin, has a decent singing voice, and composes music that is pleasant enough to listen to, but she is constantly snubbed by the musical community of Bully Harbor. She has auditioned for a chair in Bully Harbor's orchestra over a dozen times, and has never made it in, much to the embarrassment of her family. She's also constantly shoving her compositions under the Opera House Maestro's door. Not a single song of hers has ever been performed there.

Along with her looks, her wealth and her prominence in Bully Harbor aided in her getting elected Mayor.