Vulpinsula, as seen in the Map of the Imperium.

The capitol of the the Vulpine Imperium, Amarone is first and foremost the home of the Emperor  and is treated with almost as much reverence as He is. The city is perched among the low hills of inland Vulpinsula and it has been said that one can see every coast on the island from the Emperor's Palace (though none but the most important have been inside, and they have been sworn to secrecy, as any documentation regarding to the palace's interior is strictly prohibited and punishable by death)

Amarone is the cleanest city in the Imperium. The Emperor has accomplished this bragging right by not allowing anyone to live outside the Palace Complex and hiring an elite crack-force of sanitation workers to scrub the city every night. Indeed, most speculate Amarone is merely a city for show, as the only beasts living there are the Emperor's personal servants. Of course, it is also said the Emperor has so many such servants that it does take a whole city to house them all.

Aside from the Palace, the city contains an Art Museum and Archive, though practically no one is allowed to enter. A single, well-traveled road connects Amarone to Bully Harbour, and nothing gets in or out of the city without careful inspection, usually by members of the Stoatorian Guard .